Peer review Sarah

Sarah that was a nice quick review of the two leaders in this field. I am just getting into the teachings of Thoreau. Very interesting. I am wondering about other leaders in this movement, or where the influences come from. I read about a lady in the movement last night. Also we need to remember that they were influenced by Swedenborg, whose teachings William Blake rejected.
I like Thoreau’s idea of living in the moment, which is what a lot of meditation is based around these days.

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  1. Excellent peer review David, supportive and enlightened! I notice that you have a peer review for Linda, but that this does not come up under the peer review category. Do you have any other peer reviews that should be placed in this category. This is the only one that pops up when I click American/ Peer Reviews…. can you please check. Aside from this glitch your blogs are all looking outstanding.
    Great Work David. This is a space in which you truly flourish.

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