The Chocolate shop. Friday Fictioneers


Word count 100

The chocolate shop was hidden in an alley. It advertised in newspapers and men’s magazines so fathers and grandfathers would spend a little to spoil the child without a frowning female’s disapproval.

Chocolates were displayed in barrels behind glass and on the shelf behind the attendant’s head; their bright coloured wraps gleamed under the orange light. They were scooped and weighed, set in a box with a ribbon, awaiting an astonished child to untie.

Grandfather presented me with such a gift, which I duly shared with him, smiling on the swing under the apple tree, where grandma could not see.


Note. I am writing 40 one hundred word short stories using the minor characters of Nabakov’s Despair. I have 3 days till submission is due. This was warm up for them.



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13 responses to “The Chocolate shop. Friday Fictioneers

  1. Forbidden chocolates!
    Grandma would have loved a sweet gift too, no?
    Story shows how much the approval of women is need for home finances!
    Chocolates make great Valentine’s Day gifts 🙂

  2. My kinda shop! 🙂 Good luck with your challenge, hope it goes well.

  3. A hidden shop that’s only visible to grandfather!

  4. There’s nothing like a chocolate shop. I suddenly want to watch Chocolat, the movie again!

    Here’s mine!

  5. Oh yes. Children and chocolate. Two wonderful things, if you are an old curmudgeon. 🙂

  6. The things grandpas (and grandmas too) have to do to spoil their grandchildren 🙂 Fun story.

  7. Paula Sue Bryant, Writer

    What an interesting project: I love Nabokov.

  8. Dear Dave,

    Happy memories being created. Nice story.



  9. This was a lovely story.
    Good luck with your challenge!

  10. Children need secrets just with Grandpa. This is a delicious one 🙂

  11. Cute story, especially the lines, “so fathers and grandfathers would spend a little to spoil the child without a frowning female’s disapproval.” Thanks for sharing it.

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