You may be wondering where the word Z’Art comes from. Firstly let me say that the apostrophe and the use of uppercase for the letter A, are totally my own creation. I may be breaching convention in using them, but … I don’t really care, I like it that way. The word Zart is Germanic in origin. It means tender, gentle sensitive. If fact Beethoven used it in his work as a musical term meaning “softly with feeling”.

It is just a fluke that it matches my personality. or maybe a “Godcidence” a co-incidence that God had a hand in.

I was really looking for a way to say, “THIS IS MY ART” Hence… Dave’s Art. But I wanted it to be different.

So there you have it, the meaning behind the name.

2015. Since enrolling at ACU, my blog has extended to include classwork in various literature classes I am taking. Some of the posts under the various menu categories will make no sense to you unless you read them in context Please feel free to ask me to assist you to understand the posts.

If you wish to contact me to buy some art or photography, or even one of my stories, please feel free to contact me on DaveZArt@yahoo.com

I do hope you enjoy Dave Z’Art

Empty Vessel

Empty Vessel

Sufi lady

Sufi lady


7 responses to “About

  1. Dave, something to consider about the first chapter of Remembering Babylon. When Gemmy is first introduced Malouf only captures the responses of two of the three children. Why do you think the younger one misses out? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. Guiseppe.

    • Im not quite sure. I can only find one reference to the girl’s name even, that is Meg. Perhaps he thought she is too young as yet to have a voice and she will be introduced more fully further into the story.

  2. Like the blog! And, thanks for liking my photo, it’s nice when real artists appreciate what I do.

  3. Beautiful artwork!! So happy to have stumbled upon your site!!

  4. Tish

    Great blog David! Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork and following your updates. Tish

  5. Jay

    Hi there Dave. Great photos. You have a real eye! Jay

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