Flower of the Day challenge 

A fellow blogger, Cee, offers us a challenge to take a photo of flowers every day. 

Here are mine for the day. I think they are daisies.


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In the wild

These sketches are of wild beasts.

Even though some a darn cute.

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Man and Beast part 2

These are sketches of humans and their animal companions….not horses as these were covered by a previous post.



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Flower of the Day.

The roses looked very beautiful this morning. I hope you like them too.

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Man and Beast.  Horse and riders

Sometime over the last 18 months I got interested in horses and the people who ride or control them. So I sketched. I don’t claim them to be of any worth, I just like sharing what I have done. Enjoy.


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The nest

Ok enough pictures of birds but stsying on the same theme, here is a poem I wrote about birds.

The nest held two eggs

They broke

Then demanded food

Birds of a feather

Can’t stick together

If they want to feed their offspring

One went, got feed, probably seed

One stayed, fed, and filled every need

They grew

They tweeted and squeaked

They flew

They returned and sang and flew

They returned

Until they didn’t 
The empty nest is still there

In the yard which is where

Inmates stand, and sit, and stare

Voices raised, fists clenched

Ready for a fight

While birds play and

Fill their days with flight
Perhaps they will return someday

( I thought I saw one today)

The inmates will smile, look and pray

And perhaps, just perhaps, the birds will stay.


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Birds of a feather part 2

Here is the second installment of bird pictures.

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