Peer Review. Mermaid Blue

Hmmm. I just had a thought. There is no mention of wildlife throughout the Tree of Man. I wonder why that is. Perhaps White thought that dealing with the wild bipeds ( so called civilised man) was in itself enough to write about. Perhaps there was enough trouble with floods and fire without having to write about snakes, or falling down wombat holes or the damn rabbits chewing the tops of all the vegetables before they even have a chance.

But you’re right of course, every true blue dinky di aussie cobber battler mate just wants a place to lay his head, where he can listen to the breeze through the trees at night, and the crows, cockies and kookaburras by day. A place were you dont need outside lights to help you to the dunny, cause the stars light the way just fine and where during the day you see more nature than neighbours. That place has smells of fresh air, eucalypt and fresh baked bread, not car exhaust, smoke and a cacophony of cultural cuisine.

Oh give me a home amongst the gumtrees.


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2 responses to “Peer Review. Mermaid Blue

  1. Love it Dave! You strike the right note in this peer review! But where is Linda and where are her “Reading Australia” blogs… I can’t for the life of me find them on her site…..

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