Peer Review Manizha Lalee

Is all truth beautiful? Is all beauty, in fact truth. Many think that beauty means aesthetically pleasing. If this is the case, then seeing the truth in all things would be beautiful. For me there is beauty in a flower, but there is also beauty in a child’s singing, or laughing. There is beauty when we see love blossoming between 2 people, sometimes even when they themselves can’t see it. There is beauty when we see someone helping someone else in need, or less fortunate. Beauty has so many layers, so many forms.

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One response to “Peer Review Manizha Lalee

  1. Fabulous peer review- you really express a great deal of empathy with your peer’s point of view. However, when possible also try to add some constructive criticism. I do know that you could bring some really valuable suggestions to the blogging community as a whole. You can see this also a part of the Peer Reviewer’s role. But remember (as quoted by one of you): “Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.” -Frank A. Clark

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