Peer review Sara Saladino

OK so I know this is Sara’s blog post for Shakespeare but I hope I can count it as a peer review.


Wow, What a personal post. Sometimes it’s hard to write these things, feelings, because in so doing, you have to admit that it is actually true. Does love really always run smoothly? I don’t believe so. But I believe that even when the rough times come along, love is strong enough to overcome the hard times.
I have just thought of an analogy that may be considered a Romantisist view of love. Love may be like a river, not because it runs smoothly, but on many other levels. It bends and winds to accommodate the world around it. People and animals may drink from your love to be themselves replenished, but the river runs strong. there is love enough for all. There are rocks in the river, which roll along underwater until they become smooth and the love can run right over them, not hampered in the least be the intrusion of the rock. There are times of drought, when love may seem almost dried up, and there are times of flood, when you feel overwhelmed by love. Love runs like a river to the sea and when we gather all the love in the world there is a pool that can overcome any obstacle.


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