Peer review – Has the English Language Gone AWOL? by Ally Buster

In today’s world, the instant ‘give it to me now’ world even language has been abbreviated to just acronyms. It is common in Australian language to shorten words; e.g Service Station = Servo, Bottle Shop = bottlo etc. But in today’s world acronym is a way of life. I was thinking about this on the way to uni today. There is a case in the news at the moment of a 16 year old boy being detained without questioning. It got me thinking. One of the main children’s courts in sydney is Cobham. The juvenile justice centre’s where kids are locked up are called correctional centres. So the acronym for the one in Werrington which is attached to Cobham would be CCCCC. And the boss of that place would be the CCCCCCEO.
IT MAKES ROFLMAO child’s play in comparison. Lol. Dave

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One response to “Peer review – Has the English Language Gone AWOL? by Ally Buster

  1. What a wonderful collection of Peer Reviews! No wonder all the students have appreciated your contributions!!!
    Overall, an oustanding eP…. just needs a little more careful editing in places.

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