Peer review – Week 4 – Charlie Chaplin’s Plea by mahdihussain94

And it is still relevant almost 80 years after it was written. I too found this speech very inspirational. It reminds me of a song that says ” Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me”. We can change the world one person at a time. Jesus said love they neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? The one who lives next to you. The one in the same community. Then collectively the community is called to love thy neighbor. ..then each state and each country until the whole world is full of love. The hippies of the 60 ‘ s still had a lot to learn. They could only love while off their faces on drugs. They were disillusioned by a government who continued to sent men to war…In Korea then Vietnam. We have some good people who have led by examples of how to Institute peace. Chaplin and Ghandi are just 2.

post script. 27/10 I just found this in the comments I’ve made section. I apologise for not linking it here sooner.

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