Politics in writing.

Reading the essay of T.E. Hulme on romanticism and classicism ( starting page 2059 of our text) one can state that modernism actually began at the writing of this essay in 1912.
He prophesied that a new era was coming when one didn’t have to be a romantic, using flowery language in prose. He said poets and prose writers were going to write verse that had hard edges, and spoke about finite matters not infinite as the romantics tended to do.
He also spoke of these two schools of thought being linked to political views and allegiances.
With the coming of WWI we saw that his prophesy was fulfilled. Poets indeed left the subject of love behind and spoke of hurt, conflict, pain and the war in real terms.
I also read a section of Vaginas Woolf’s a room of one’s own which describes a woman’s place in history. One may say that Woolf was before her time in terms of feminism. I say that the world was lagging behind and needed to catch up.
More later. To work I go.

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