The Rendevous

I squinted and could just make out the figure in the distance walking toward me through the mist. The cobblestones clacked under her heels. I pulled my coat around me. Its funny how the weather changes so quickly.

“Hello” she said.

“Good to see you again”. I smiled and gently held her shoulders ad kissed both cheeks.

“It has been a while” she remarked.

“Too long”, I said “Shall we?”

We met this time each year. She came to the city with her husband bringing their special heritage apples to market.

We held hands as we headed to the Cafe. Only one was opened at this time of morning.

We sat in a corner booth away from any prying eyes. We smiled, we laughed, we were silent and we cried.

“How long do we have?” I asked.

“I should get back by dinner but we will be here most of the week”.

I opened the passenger door to my motorcar and made sure she was comfortable and settled before walking around, starting my car and heading off in silence.

We arrived in good time. The mist had cleared to reveal a clear sky and the sun warmed us. It shone through the naked oak trees in the park as I steered the vehicle to a spot.

Again I walked around to the car, opened the door and helped her out. We walked arm in arm in the sunshine until we reached the spot. April arranged the flowers on the plot and we stood, crying again, silently comforting each other with out presence, holding hands. I absentmindedly rubbed my thumb on the rear of her hand as I held it.

I offered the handkerchief I had brought just for the occasion. We wept as we reminisced about all the good times with out parents, now long departed.

“Thanks for taking me again, John” said my sister as I walked her into her motel.

“Not at all,” I said. “I am glad you came”.

“Talk to you soon” she said, and gave me a hug. I left her in the loving care of her husband, cranked the motor on my Model T and drove slowly away. 

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