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Poor Clown


Rain rain tumbling down

Down my neck and to the ground

Hope so much as not to drown

But it causes me to frown.


It turns trees and grass

To green from brown

And roads become wet

All over  town


Wet is the queen’s hair

And her glittering crown

Lucky she has a raincoat

Over her evening gown


At the circus there is a clown

Whose makeup is primarily brown

It made him famous

He is one of renown

But it made children want to frown

Poor clown

sad clown


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Abysmal: Weekend writing prompt 145. 

“Your handwriting is abysmal”, said the teacher as I handed her a piece of paper. “I can’t read it at all”. she said.

“Yes Miss Jenkins”, I said, my eyes turned downwards towards my desk.

 “How is anyone supposed to read this?” She thrust it towards me.

“Miss Jenkins”, I said. “You were my teacher once, but I am your doctor now. Take this to the pharmacy and they will give you the right medicine. They can read my writing and if they can’t, they will call.  Good day Miss Jenkins”.

My apologies if this story is not the correct word length. I am in hospital today having been brought here by ambulance this morning. I did have the idea for the story before hand but was not able to do it on my laptop, with which I can keep an accurate word count . 

I am ok  I just require some blood and couldn’t drive myself to my regular place. Fun and frolicks.

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Elysian: Weekend Writing Prompt

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Death is the end of struggles. Whether it is Elysium, Heaven, Nirvana or Paradise, all represent the same thing. Freedom from all difficulty, from hunger, pain, heartache, everything removed. Well done good and faithful servant, enter into your rest. But what if we were able to have the Elysian feeling without death, without aging. It’s possible.😉


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Looking Glass

I have written two responses to the above challenge. One dark, deep and sad. The other not so. The second I view as a Victorian young lady, or perhaps I am being influenced by a Clint Eastwood Western I saw yesterday, as a young woman fit to be married, in the early pioneering days of America.

But read as you will. I am just the author and not in control of your imagination. I just steer occasionally.


Looking Glass.

I spray mirrors around my house with white paint. I avoid going near still bodies of water, plate glass windows, and even keep the sheen on my cookware and cutlery low.  I wear a niqab but I am not Islamic. After my husband attacked me, I wish never to see my deformed ugly face again. I wish this life would hurry and be over.

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Looking Glass.

When I looked, I could not see my outward reflection, but how others saw me. Is there a difference? Indeed. Sometimes subtle but nonetheless real. How I wish to be perceived, is not always the same as how I was received. I shall try harder to reflect, not only the light airy self, but the colourful swirls that are my emotions, feelings and thoughts.


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How could you let Chess take precedent over basketball in the sports complex?”

The principal calmed the coach. “They use live pieces. The queen is taken, she dies. Checkmate? The school surrenders.”

“Whose lives are at stake?”

“The pupils of course.”

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The Great Mayor: Weekend writing prompt


I am the greatest Mayor of all time. I want to make this city great again. We will build a wall around the city to keep out criminals. I am the most popular mayor of all time. There’s no-one more popular. Look I could stand in the middle of the street and shoot someone, and people would still elect me, that’s how popular I am.

And so, the hubris went on. People actually believed the stuff that spewed from his mouth. Until, that is, his batteries started failing and one of his strings broke.

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thanks to Sammi Scribbles for the inspiration.

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Barricade. Weekend writing prompt 135

We ran through the streets, trying to escape the angry crowd behind us. We weren’t the cause of their anger, but we were certainly caught up in their wrath.

Let me explain. We were given 30 free all access tickets to a “Dead Black Frog” concert. They were legit tickets I swear. Too many tickets for just Stretch and me, so we went to the Sick Lizard bar and sold the free tickets.

We got in early but the guys from the bar came in a bit later and were drunk or stoned or both. The Bouncer and Roadies kicked all of us out. That’s when the chase started and ended at the wire-topped fence. A barricade that couldn’t easily be overcome.

The nurses and doctors just shook their heads as they dressed our many wounds.

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A challenge, but one I accepted. Instead of literary morphology, I chose psychological Here below is my entry.

Word Count 37

It was my study of morphology which led me to believe that you were not always evil. At one time you were once good. But something dreadful happened didn’t it? What was it? You can tell me.


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