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Sunrise on Strathfield campus 

Couldn’t sleep. Came to school early.


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Eerie sunset. Market St. Sydney

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Sydney Harbour Bridge

Some shots I took with my phone from the Opera House the other night when I was there to see Richard III

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A Mardi Gras tale of woe…in poem.

With all the wisdom of a paranoid person, I listened to the naysayers.

 Nay nay the rain will fall yet,

 and all the revellers wet. 

So took to my bed did I. 

And not a drop came from the sky.

 I did indeed remain dry and bored,

 while the party goers with laughter roared.

 Woe to those whose worry kill, 

fun and frolic,  glee and joy.

 And so I remain even still

a sober but sad and lonely boy.

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Sunset at my place tonight.

Taken with Samsung note 5.


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Sunrise at Maroubra Beach

I just realised that I neglected to post photos from 2 shoots recently.

This Sunrise was taken a few weeks ago on Maroubra beach, in Sydney. I hope you enjoy


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Poster model

Also done in the Indian Motorcycle showroom.

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