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Poor Clown


Rain rain tumbling down

Down my neck and to the ground

Hope so much as not to drown

But it causes me to frown.


It turns trees and grass

To green from brown

And roads become wet

All over  town


Wet is the queen’s hair

And her glittering crown

Lucky she has a raincoat

Over her evening gown


At the circus there is a clown

Whose makeup is primarily brown

It made him famous

He is one of renown

But it made children want to frown

Poor clown

sad clown


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Tempe moorings through the rain.


I have been in bed for 2 days with depression. I decided to go to the local takeout to get food and thrn eat in the carpark of Tempe moorings which is close to my home. I took this photo through a rain streaked windscreen to represent that I can still see beauty through the tears of depression. I kinda like it. Hope you do too.


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IMG_2104 IMG_2105 (2) IMG_2119

Raindrops on some plants in my garden and an overflowing drain are evidences of a good summer rain here in Sydney


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Playing in puddles

The playground may have been empty but it looked good in the rain

IMG_2113 IMG_2131IMG_2122 IMG_2109

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River in the Rain

My favorite lunch spot is even good in a downpour

IMG_2115 IMG_2118 IMG_2129IMG_2114


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Birds in the rain

To beat the depression today, I decided to go have some lunch in the park and take my camera… just in case.

Here are a couple of feathered friends that decided to share my lunch

IMG_2132 IMG_2137


Poor Ibis had to shake a tail feather to try to dry off.


This little fellow preferred bread over lettuce or chips.


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Deluge of words?

This is a short fiction about rain, so do i call it a deluge of words?

The rain continues its constant drip, drip into the saucepan. Sue sipped her tea and watched the sag in the roof swell. As she finished the pot, the roof creaked.

She stood slowly and calmly walked toward the door. She stepped through then turned to watch.

The roof creaked once more before breaking, bringing down a torrent of water which totally overwhelmed the waiting saucepan; not to mention the mess of the roof ending up in the dining room.

Sue laughed, closed the door and walked away.

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