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One Afternoon

I plopped down in the long grass, exhausted by play. I heard the rustle of a small body coming to join me, heard him come to rest beside me and found his small fingers soon entwined in mine.

He pointed, “A cow”

I pointed ” Snow covered mash potato”

He giggled, then pointed again “A car”

“Yes, It does look like a car. Is daddy driving it?”

“No, daddy likes red cars; remember?”

“Mummy, are there cars in heaven?”

“If your father has any say in it there would be”.

“I’m never gonna drive a car.”

“Then how will you get to the world that is waiting for you to see it?”

“You can drive me.”

“Oh, thanks for that. I might be busy.”

“Yeah, cooking dinner.”

“Speaking of which, we better get home before it gets too dark.”

“Can we have p’sgetti for dinner…please?”

“Only if you are good in the bath.”

” I promise not to splash you…too much.” he giggled again

I turned over to tickle his tummy, then grabbed his hand and lifted himself and me off the ground.

“Come on tiger, race you back.”


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I am a rock/ me and my sidekick

I am a rock/ me and my sidekick

I am sure there is nothing that either of them wouldn’t do for the other


05/09/2013 · 11:48 am