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Philosophy, Ethics and Apology

I realise that I have not been posting as regular as I usually do, or as often as I ought.

There are a few reasons for this. Primarily my reason is that the topic this semester in University is Ethics. I am having an extremely difficult time trying to understand ethics but am now coming to terms with it. I have come to the conclusion that there is no right and wrong in Ethics. You are incorrect in stating something is ethically right or wrong. Everything is ethical, it just needs to be discovered what motivation you have behind a certain action, behaviour or attitude. The question of right or wrong does not lie with ethics, but with moral values and virtues. And even those are subjective. They are subject to our upbringing and societal conditioning.

So you see why I am having issues with it. The thing that disturbs me most is that every hospital in the land has an ethics committee. This ethics committee decides whether someone lives or dies. Should we keep spending valuable hospital resources on keeping this person alive or turn off life support and let them die. Who has the right to determine the value of ones life? Is a life’s worth down dollars and cents? Does it depend on whether they can make a contribution to society? Or does a life have intrinsic value; a value in and of itself? Does the ethics committee take into account the contribution already made to society or individuals. Whether it was to donate a million dollars to a charity, or just to make one child smile.

How do we decide who is worthy to become a citizen of our country, to share the wealth and resources that our land has to offer to those lucky enough to be chosen? 

In short, what right does one human have to decide the value of another?

I am in no position to ever judge the worth of another human. I have been rich, I have been (and am currently poor). I don’t think my personal value can be counted by my physical or fiscal worth. I have been forgiven much, therefore, I will always forgive much. I have been loved and accepted by people when I myself felt that I have no worth. I am so thankful for those who decided that my worth was greater than my sins.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Other reasons for not posting include the fact that not only am I doing this course at Uni, but I am also doing a business administration certificate at TAFE. That takes up more time too. I have also been taking photos of events and newsworthy events for NEWZULU which allows me to gain some income for a passion I have for photography. I actually need the extra income now, as my 17-55mm canon lens is not not functioning in Auto Focus mode. I need to buy another.

Thats all for now. Never fear, I will be back soon to post some photos and artword that I have recently completed.


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