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The Great Mayor: Weekend writing prompt


I am the greatest Mayor of all time. I want to make this city great again. We will build a wall around the city to keep out criminals. I am the most popular mayor of all time. There’s no-one more popular. Look I could stand in the middle of the street and shoot someone, and people would still elect me, that’s how popular I am.

And so, the hubris went on. People actually believed the stuff that spewed from his mouth. Until, that is, his batteries started failing and one of his strings broke.

Image result for donald trump cartoon

thanks to Sammi Scribbles for the inspiration.

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Hard life

I was tossing and turning all night between some hot sheets. Today I don’t get to hang out in the sunshine like others, but am hard at work again today. Tonight after being carried screaming to the pub to socialise with friends of my boss, I will be stretched to the limit.

Then I will come home and after a good wash and rinse, will again be tossing and turning all night….

In the dryer… Such is life for a working woman’s only bra


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