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Such a Pity: The Human Abstract

Pity, Mercy and Peace are the 3 Virtues represented in this poem by William Blake.

The poem says that without US making someone poor, there would be no need for pity. WE are the ones who made someone poor, now we look down upon them. They had no strength to fight against us. I am using the We in this stanza, as civilised, organised capitalistic society. While we pity those who are homeless, or poor, some of us see and say, like Malcolm Turnbull, “There but for the grace of God be I”.

We can distribute mercy, in the form of benefits from the government, if the poor jump through the hoops. We, the people, donate to charities, or some of us do, to assist those less fortunate. But how about this… Next time you see a homeless person, don’t judge, just buy him a meal.

I am upset by those who like to do “social experiments” by giving homeless people

something, and putting it on YouTube to show what good people they are for doing this. When you donate, do it anonymously: without thought of what you might get out of it.

When you donate, you should give freely, not out of compulsion. You should not place conditions on your giving, but give to a person to do with it whatever they see fit. Once a dollar leaves your hand, it is no longer yours to govern. You have no right to protest, if your donated dollar is not used the way you think it should be.



Peace, when is the last time we had worldwide peace? I think that at no time has the whole world been in total peace with one another. Selfish greed is the cause of most wars. We who have want more. Those who have not, get what little they do have taken away. All we are saying, is give peace a chance.


Peace in the poem is said to be bought about by mutual fear. That sounds like the peace of The Cold War to me. Both sides knew that each had nuclear bombs but neither were going to use them, for fear that the other would as well. It would be nice if peace came about by mutual respect and care for one another, not fear.

The poem also talks about Selfish Love. This is the type of love that says “What’s in it for me?” It is not a love that is truly self-sacrificing, but one that has ulterior motives. It gets rooted deep but when the right time come, it spreads depression and despair. This type of love also produces emotional blackmail. “If you don’t do this, then I won’t love you”, or “If you do that, I will love you more. It also has its roots in fear. we are afraid what will happen if that love is removed.

The Bible says that perfect love drives out all fear. True love is a sacrificial love. It says, “I will do anything for you”. This type of love is not exclusive to man and woman couples, but can be same sex, it can be a love between a parent and child, even a child and a pet.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” 1 Cor:13. 4-8.

The love mentioned in the Blake poem is not true love, but a selfish one. I think Blake is imploring us to take a look at the love we give and the motives behind our giving. True love comes from God. Let’s love with the love that comes from God above.




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Short love poem

The sun kissed her hair and made it golden
The moon kissed her skin and made it glow
The stars kissed her eyes so they would sparkle
And when she kissed my lips I sure did know

Her love was mine alone.

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These are my two dogs. Actually they belong to my housemate but we are best of friends. The black and white dog is George. He is very old. He is totally blind, has lost most of his hair, and in his last home he was abused which left him with no bottom jaw or teeth. The golden colored one is Bundy. She is supposed to care for George but sometimes she is really mean to him; taking the food or treats out from under his nose. He can’t see them and finds it difficult to chew or pick things up from the ground. Consequently Bundy gets all the bones. For a treat, if I don’t have any soft meat products for George, I let him lick Vegemite from my finger. He loves it.
Both dogs were purchased from a refuge for abused dogs. Bundy has thrived under our care and although it’s taken George a little longer, he is putting on weight and now wags his tail when happy to hear me. This took him 6 months to accomplish. 



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Love Always

I write “Love Always” on greeting cards etc not as a personal message to a person but as an instruction or direction.

Love always


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Close your eyes… pretend you can’t see

As  a teenager I wrote this passage that has stayed with me over the years

“Close your eyes

Pretend you cant see… and perhaps it will all go away”

I have grown up now. I have seen things that nobody should have to see. Not because we should pretend they are not there, but because the things I have seen should not happen. I have held a dying alcoholic in my arms. I have bound the wounds of too many children who have attempted suicide. I have seen kids drugged, whether they did it to themselves or others have done it to them to use them. I have been on the wrong end of a gun more than once. I have seen the inhumanity that man is capable of inflicting to his fellow man.

I have grown up now. I am not so inwardly focused that I think “If I feel OK then the world is a good place”. I have become outwardly focused. Since doing Ethics at Uni, and then Sociology, I have become morally and socially aware and responsible. I understand now how others become social or political activists. I have become outraged at the way people treat others. I want to scream from the mountaintops for people to open their eyes and not just accept what they have been told in the media, or by politicians who have their own agenda.

Now this is by no means a religious spiel, but I think Jesus had the right idea. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. If we love one another and care what happens to fellow humans, regardless of their skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, disability or deformity, or any other discriminatory factor, then wouldn’t the world be a better place?

It is not enough that I personally do what is right towards others. I should not keep silent when I see others being treated with less rights or dignity than someone else. I cannot leave it to someone else to voice their opinion while i silently nod my head in the background.

My passion has become justice. Justice for everyone. This is not just in terms of retributive justice; that is punishing someone who has committed an offence, but ensuring that each person is treated fairly and justly. And if a law is wrong, then protest and petition for the law to be changed.

There is a difference between what is legal and what is right. I am committed to become an advocate to upholding that which is morally right.

When I studied ethics, I championed the cause of those held in detention when attempting to come to Australia as Asylum Seekers. Ethics opened my eyes to so many injustices in the world. I am now passionate about aboriginal issues, immigration, slavery, oppression of women and inequality due to sexual orientation or gender identification. I am so ashamed at the way my country’s government treats others, espousing that what they are doing is legal.

It is up to every one of us, as citizens of a country, or citizens of the world, to not only do the right thing but to protest when we see an injustice. As a citizen of a democratic country, I can petition and protest my government and its representatives until action is taken. I can plead with them to act morally responsible and humanely in its dealings with people regardless of who they are, where they come from or how they got here.

I implore you, Open your eyes, don’t pretend any longer. It is only through action, that it will all go away.


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A love poem

Damn. She knows what she does to me but she does it anyway.
She knows I am so in love with her that it is intoxicating.
I get drunk looking into her eyes, watching her lips move when she talks or at the sound of her quite evil laugh.
Damn. She knows what she does to me but she does it anyway.
She teases me with her beauty, lures me in with her wisdom but angers me with her stupidity.
Jealousy builds within us both when we are apart.
Damn. She knows what she does to me but she does it anyway.
She whips me up into a fury of passion. Takes me to the brink of ecstasy,  then leaves me there as she goes to another.
I hate when she is late, wish she was always with me,  but get scared of the thought that one day it may just happen.
Damn. She knows what she does to me but she does it anyway.

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Life Observations September 8, 2014

On the train I sat across from an elderly Chinese couple. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying but it was obvious from their interactions that they were still very much in love. The gentle touches, the smiles, the laughing at the quick wit each displayed to one another. It made me smile inside.

As I walked up the hill to my home after completing an early shift, I observed a tractor mowing the grass in the reserve. The ground was still moist from recent rain so the tractor left deep divots in its wake, but the smell of freshly cut grass was superb.

On my way back down the hill to the station later ( I had to work another shift), above the noise of the train I was supposed to catch leaving the station, I heard many different types of birds all enjoying the good weather and singing about it. It reminded me it is now spring… mating season.

The bright gold of the Wattle against the deep green of the foliage and the rich red of the flowers on the coral tree           (Erythrina crista-galli), were other reminders of the new season.

I saw a large black long haired Labrador have tremendous faith in the ability of its owner to throw the ball farther than the head-start it received after dropping the ball at her feet.

I saw a very large bra lying abandoned in the middle of the street and trucks running over it. The bra wasn’t there when I went past the same spot 3 hours previously. It made me wonder at the story behind it.

Due to my car being at the mechanics, I am forced to exercise, walking to and fro the train station or bus stop for my journey to work,. Today, a record for me, over 17,000 steps!

The things we miss when we drive to and from work, in traffic. The absence of a personal vehicle is a blessing in disguise.

I wearily drag myself into the shower and appreciate the hot water soaking into my muscles. As I relax on my bed with the doona pulled up high, I know I will enjoy the 5 hours sleep before I have to do it all again. Sweet dreams.


(no photos sorry, living life through my eyes at the moment instead of through a lens)


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For two new friends.

I looked at her as she sipped her warm drink across the cafe table from me. Her delicate fingers returned the cup to the saucer with the slightest of clicks.

“What?” She asked smiling
“Nothing” I reached across and brushed a lock of hair away that was hiding one of her beautiful eyes.

“Shall we?”
“We should”, I replied.
We both stood and at the same time
re -wrapped our scarves around our necks. We laughed.

We interlocked arms, then released them to hold hands and started down the tree lined street towards our home.

Sunday afternoon at its best.

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The Daily prompt question was which of three super powers would you like

1. Ability to travel through time

2. Ability to understand and speak all languages

3. Ability so solve conflicts

My first thought was I would like the power to be able to dry every tear of anger, hatred, hurt and pain, and to increase tears of Joy.

Then I thought I could be selfish and ask for no pain for myself, to be healthy and whole. Then I thought that perhaps my first thought is selfish as well, because if there were no tears of pain etc, it would make my heart glad too. Mutually beneficial maybe.

I possess a great super power already. I have the ability to love. It really is part of all of us, you just have to look deep inside to find it, then it takes practice to perfect it. Go on, try it, when you spread love, you will feel like superman.

To be able to travel through time?? why, yesterday has past and can no longer influence your future. The future should not be worried about because what will happen, will happen. Live in today! to somewhat paraphrase a famous person and book. Why worry about the future, today has enough challenges of its own.

To speak and understand all languages? Then we might hear somethings we don’t want to, and understand some things we weren’t meant to. I find the learning of languages easy and often shock people by speaking back to them when I overhear them saying something not incredibly nice about another…perhaps they will be more careful who is within earshot, or even watch their words.

To be able to mediate between two arguing parties would be nice, but wouldn’t it be nicer if they could work it out for themselves, without need for intervention.

Nah, I have decided, I don’t want a super power. I think our creator has done a wonderful job making us just as we are. Its up to us to make the most of what was given.


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true love?

true love?

hope it lasts longer than the smoke. taken hurriedly with my mobile as I was hanging out the clothes

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