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The evolution of literature

I believe in the evolution of literature as briefly discussed in my summation of 20th century literature blog post last year. On contemplation this morning, I believe that today literature has evolved to become as instant as nescafe coffee. Instead of writing contemplative pieces of non fiction for peer review and open to critical thinking,  lobbyists and others with an agenda,  people with righteous anger, are writing slogans and placards to gain the approval of the masses who will become as equally passionate about the cause without doing research into the facts.
Take the case of the supposed rape of a 5 year old boy on Nauru. The ABC media reported it, lobbyists and the general public took up the cause which caused protests and riots to be held in Melbourne. While the facts of the case were distorted, the truth is no less abhorrent,  but the hundreds or thousands who marched were protesting a false cause.
I think it is up to us as students of literature to once again focus on truth in researching and publication of facts. We need to make sure our sources are accurate before we write.

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