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Donald Trump’s Dog

If Donald Trump had a dog, would it be called a Trump-pet?

many thanks to Playbuzz and Boredpanda for the image.

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English language is funny.

The term “I’m out” has totally different meanings when said by a cricket player as opposed to a same sex attracted man.


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Friday Fictioneers: Leave it to the imagination


The fiction I have written for this prompt is short. It may be taken as humorous, but what if it were not?

“He got away again didn’t he?”


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Why people say hi.

Why to people say hi?

Because they can’t spell hello, hallo,hullo, oh heck…hi

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New weight loss plan.

I have a new weight loss idea that is sure to work. Wanna hear it? Glad you asked.
Become a full time writer, photographer and artist. You can’t afford to eat so will surely lose weight. I have lost 12kg in 6 months.
See, it works!

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Can you tell me why chemists put security tags on arthritis vitamins? Surely if you are going to steal those they can catch you pretty quick when the door alarm goes off

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Dad Jokes

My newest made up jokes. Note to comedians… you can use these if you pay me a writers fee. ha ha ha


What do you call a man who steals?


What do you call a man who doesn’t steal as much?


What do you call a man who drags around a carriage all day and is pretty confident?

Rick Shaw


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The Mayor of Blue Mountains City Council is Councillor Mark Greenhill.

Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Industry: which includes the automotive industry is

Senator Kim CarrImage

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Why did the man get a haircut?

Because he couldn’t handle it any longer !


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Hard life

I was tossing and turning all night between some hot sheets. Today I don’t get to hang out in the sunshine like others, but am hard at work again today. Tonight after being carried screaming to the pub to socialise with friends of my boss, I will be stretched to the limit.

Then I will come home and after a good wash and rinse, will again be tossing and turning all night….

In the dryer… Such is life for a working woman’s only bra


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