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One Afternoon

I plopped down in the long grass, exhausted by play. I heard the rustle of a small body coming to join me, heard him come to rest beside me and found his small fingers soon entwined in mine.

He pointed, “A cow”

I pointed ” Snow covered mash potato”

He giggled, then pointed again “A car”

“Yes, It does look like a car. Is daddy driving it?”

“No, daddy likes red cars; remember?”

“Mummy, are there cars in heaven?”

“If your father has any say in it there would be”.

“I’m never gonna drive a car.”

“Then how will you get to the world that is waiting for you to see it?”

“You can drive me.”

“Oh, thanks for that. I might be busy.”

“Yeah, cooking dinner.”

“Speaking of which, we better get home before it gets too dark.”

“Can we have p’sgetti for dinner…please?”

“Only if you are good in the bath.”

” I promise not to splash you…too much.” he giggled again

I turned over to tickle his tummy, then grabbed his hand and lifted himself and me off the ground.

“Come on tiger, race you back.”


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Life Observations September 8, 2014

On the train I sat across from an elderly Chinese couple. I couldn’t understand a word they were saying but it was obvious from their interactions that they were still very much in love. The gentle touches, the smiles, the laughing at the quick wit each displayed to one another. It made me smile inside.

As I walked up the hill to my home after completing an early shift, I observed a tractor mowing the grass in the reserve. The ground was still moist from recent rain so the tractor left deep divots in its wake, but the smell of freshly cut grass was superb.

On my way back down the hill to the station later ( I had to work another shift), above the noise of the train I was supposed to catch leaving the station, I heard many different types of birds all enjoying the good weather and singing about it. It reminded me it is now spring… mating season.

The bright gold of the Wattle against the deep green of the foliage and the rich red of the flowers on the coral tree           (Erythrina crista-galli), were other reminders of the new season.

I saw a large black long haired Labrador have tremendous faith in the ability of its owner to throw the ball farther than the head-start it received after dropping the ball at her feet.

I saw a very large bra lying abandoned in the middle of the street and trucks running over it. The bra wasn’t there when I went past the same spot 3 hours previously. It made me wonder at the story behind it.

Due to my car being at the mechanics, I am forced to exercise, walking to and fro the train station or bus stop for my journey to work,. Today, a record for me, over 17,000 steps!

The things we miss when we drive to and from work, in traffic. The absence of a personal vehicle is a blessing in disguise.

I wearily drag myself into the shower and appreciate the hot water soaking into my muscles. As I relax on my bed with the doona pulled up high, I know I will enjoy the 5 hours sleep before I have to do it all again. Sweet dreams.


(no photos sorry, living life through my eyes at the moment instead of through a lens)


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

183 IMG_1621

088 Thurs 28.11.2013 073

Thurs 28.11.2013 024 125

My Favorite subject of all time. I belong to Sydney Street Photographers

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31/03/2014 · 6:43 pm

Ese’ s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge – Happiness, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Kind and Caring

Ese’ s Weekly Shoot&Quote Challenge – Happiness

For happiness you need three things.
1. Something to Hope for
2. Someone to Love
3.Something to do

He hopes she has a wonderful life
He loves her with all his heart
He will do anything he must to protect her, to keep that smile on her face.

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25/12/2013 · 8:23 pm


The Daily prompt question was which of three super powers would you like

1. Ability to travel through time

2. Ability to understand and speak all languages

3. Ability so solve conflicts

My first thought was I would like the power to be able to dry every tear of anger, hatred, hurt and pain, and to increase tears of Joy.

Then I thought I could be selfish and ask for no pain for myself, to be healthy and whole. Then I thought that perhaps my first thought is selfish as well, because if there were no tears of pain etc, it would make my heart glad too. Mutually beneficial maybe.

I possess a great super power already. I have the ability to love. It really is part of all of us, you just have to look deep inside to find it, then it takes practice to perfect it. Go on, try it, when you spread love, you will feel like superman.

To be able to travel through time?? why, yesterday has past and can no longer influence your future. The future should not be worried about because what will happen, will happen. Live in today! to somewhat paraphrase a famous person and book. Why worry about the future, today has enough challenges of its own.

To speak and understand all languages? Then we might hear somethings we don’t want to, and understand some things we weren’t meant to. I find the learning of languages easy and often shock people by speaking back to them when I overhear them saying something not incredibly nice about another…perhaps they will be more careful who is within earshot, or even watch their words.

To be able to mediate between two arguing parties would be nice, but wouldn’t it be nicer if they could work it out for themselves, without need for intervention.

Nah, I have decided, I don’t want a super power. I think our creator has done a wonderful job making us just as we are. Its up to us to make the most of what was given.


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Pursuit of happiness

 Having a work/life balance is important to happiness. Work so you can live, not live so you can work. I work enough hours just to meet the weekly expenses, and put a little aside for emergencies and holidays. I live simply and have little needs. My computer and phone may not be the trendiest or raise the envy of friends, however they are functional. I do however spend money on things that make me happy. I have everything an artist or street photographer could want. It would be nice to have some studio lighting and reflectors, but not necessary. Enjoy life. Dave


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Happiness vs Joy and contentment

circular quay sydney 062I want laugh lines like hers.

Philosopher John Stuart Mills says “Ask yourself whether you’re happy, and you cease to be happy” (R.D. 2013)

Comedian Arthur Smith says “…it needs to be a temporary state, otherwise, what would drive you forward?” (R.D. 2013)

Mills use of the word ‘whether’ should be changed to ‘if’ for correct English, but apart from that, I can agree with the statement. Happiness is an emotion. An emotion can’t be analysed in the logical section of the brain. An emotion can’t be dissected by science, and truly defined and reasoned.

Smith is correct in his view that being happy is a temporary state, and that we all strive for happiness in our lives. But the happiness that he talks about is not one of deep contentment or joy in ones life, but a fleeting feeling, which makes you smile, or in some cases laugh.

Joy or contentment come from the soul, the inner most being of a person. Being Joyful or contented is a value or character trait that we all should strive for. I don’t believe that this is brought about by ‘things’ or passing situations, but it is being at peace with where one is. Having come to terms with the past, or where one was, and being optimistic about the future or where one is going.

Having a life goal, or plan for ones life is a start toward contentment and inner joy. If you have a target, you have something to aim for.

Why do I write, paint, or photograph creation and the created? My goal is to share the beauty of life with those who have less ability or opportunity to see that beauty for themselves. I guess this is my legacy.

Why do teachers teach, instructors instruct, or tradesmen pass on their trade to the apprentices? They want to leave a legacy. It justifies their existence. The masters feel content that what they are passing on is of worth. The teachers are joyful when a student has an epiphany, a moment when His eyes are opened and “He gets it”.  The contentment is the value, the happiness a result of that value being understood.

Find your life goal, map out a plan on how to achieve it, strive toward it, and you will find the contentment that is within you waiting to be hatched and exposed to the world.


quotes from Readers Digest Australia, November 2013, page s32.

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Happiness and Purpose

A wise man recently shared with me that his understanding of what makes us happy is

1. Someone to Love

2. Something to Hope for

3. Something to do

Someone to love does not mean EROS love, as in sexual, but PHILO, a deep understanding and admiring. This is a love which when all else fails, that is there.

Something to hope for… what is your purpose in your life?

Something to do… How do you go about achieving your life’s ambition?

I once believed that I needed to surround myself with beautiful things to be able to be happy. That is not now the case. I think now that to be happy, you need to be able to see beauty, when beauty is hard to find. In a world full of horror and ugliness, see the innocent, the sweet, the pure. I have seen and possessed both beautiful things and ugliness. I can now discern the difference.

My life’s purpose now, has become to share life’s beauty with others. To share love, where there is hate. To share comfort where there is pain. To share colour, where all around is grey or black.

I have been given the gift of creativity. I have the ability to create beautiful things, whether that be art, or photography, or writings. I can create an atmosphere of peace and love by my attitude and personality. This is my “Thing to do”.

Sometimes, especially when I am suffering from depression, I can lose focus of my goal, I can NOT do the things I ought and do things I ought not do. It is during these times, I call on the love of those around me, to encourage me to live true to self; to achieve what I set out to do.

My hope for you, is that you too can find happiness.

“Seek and you will find”.Image


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