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Wisdom, knowledge and truth

There are a lot of truths that are best left unsaid. There is a lot of knowledge available in minds of men best left undiscovered.
Surely if there is a cure for diseases etc it should be released as soon as it is deemed safe and not be left until the market is ready for release…until the world is desperate enough to pay more for it and thereby profit medical manufacturers.
Wisdom on when to release such information holds is crucial.
Wikileaks may be party to information that the general public doesn’t have access to. Is it wise however to release such information that causes such public outrage and even riots.
Someone discovered the secret formula to solving the rubiks cube puzzle.  To release that however, although ending the frustrations of millions,  ruined the dream for millions more.
Knowledge and wisdom…Two totally different things but need to work hand in hand for the best results.
The benefits and disadvantages of releasing information needs to be carefully considered before unleashing such things to the general public.
Being frivolous and helping to make the connection between knowledge and wisdom is this simple quote “knowledge is knowing the tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to add it to fruit salad” – Miles Kingston.

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