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Flower of the Day: Jacaranda

I always thought that the Jacaranda tree was a native to Australia. They seem to pop up everywhere. This tree was next to a unit I was looking at renting yesterday. I love the carpet of purple flowers the tree creates at the base. The flower is so soft and delicate. The tree grows so easily from the paper-like seeds which are found in their hundreds from split pods in late January. The seeds scatter on the wind. I so love the unique colour of the Jacaranda flower. There really is no other purple, or lilac colour just like it.

This photo was taken on my Samsung phone.





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Flower of The Day Challenge: Grevillea

In my part of the country of Australia, we are enjoying a spring that sees a bursting of colour on various native trees. Most prolific in the bush is Grevillea Robusta, more commonly known as Silky Oak. This grows wild as the seeds are spread easily by the wind as well as birds eating it.

The Grevillea that is most widely grown in the domestic garden is called ‘Robyn Gordon’.

The Robusta has a profusion of bright golden flowers whereas, I could probably say, most other grevilleas are a pale pink or on the red spectrum.

I have attached some pictures below. I hope you enjoy them.


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Flower of the day challenge

Ok so I know I have posted Roses before but these had exquisite perfume and a beauty to match. I wish we could all scratch and sniff.

I am seeing a lot of native flowers coming into bloom right now. The main one I see in the bush where I currently live is Grevillea x grandiflora which is the silky oak. I haven’t yet been in a position where I could stop to take a photo of them, but promise I will soon. In the meantime, here is a photo of a glorious Eucalypt trees that I spotted at a rest stop.



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Flower of the Day challenge 

A fellow blogger, Cee, offers us a challenge to take a photo of flowers every day. 

Here are mine for the day. I think they are daisies.


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