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Quick acrylic painting of a firefighter. This is a plan for a big oil canvas for the Blake Prize.

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Sunset at Belmont Baths



Last Sunday, I met with a photography group to capture the sunset from Belmont Baths, which is on the east side of Lake Macquarie in NSW Australia. It is usually a spectacular place for sunsets. This week it was made even more so with the smoke in the air from the bushfires. One bushfire was directly west of the lake, which made the sunset very dramatic. I hope you enjoy the sunset, created by God, captured by me.


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No Ordinary Shift

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

“You can’t go in there mate”, they said.

I pushed one bloke away and punched another. Then free, ran to the house. I crashed hard through the door, landing in a heap on the floor

“Margaret! Jimmy!” Silence above the roar of the flames. Water fell and smoke billowed as I rushed up the stairs to Jimmy’s room; ignoring my training about the danger. Through the flames and smoke, I perceived the room to be empty. I leaned out the window to see my family with a neighbour, shouting and waving up to me.

Safe, crying,  I could breathe again.

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Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Light my Fire


This photo is taken at Firelighting. Firelighting is the opening ceremony to Corroboree Sydney. This is an annual event that brings together all of the aboriginal nations for a time of sharing. Sharing dance, art, music, stories and culture. Sharing ideas between the elders of the nations so they can live in harmony for the advancement of iindigenouspeople. The fire is said to be a culmination of flames from each other the nations, brought together in one vessel that will continually burn over the 11 days of events. This year indigenous people groups from other countries including the maoris from New Zealand and the First Nation Peoples from Canada were invited to join in. I am looking forward to seeing films and culture from these people groups as well this year. I was there to photograph firelighting last year too, and some of the dancers recognised me and posed for me. A good time was had by all.

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Australia Day in Sydney

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Besides a lot of citizenship ceremonies and bar-b-ques going on around Australia, Sydney hosts a vintage car exhibition in its streets. January is also Sydneyfest month so there are many activities on in Sydney surrounding that. Also, it is the start of the Chinese new year and there are mainly Chinese cultural events happening in the Darling Harbour precinct, and around Chinatown with that. January is certainly the month to come to Sydney if you are thinking of visiting. The weather might get a little hot on some days ( up to 42 degrees C or 114 F), but mostly it is mild summer, with sea breezes. I hope you enjoy these photos taken yesterday of some of the festivities, displays and patriotic people.

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27/01/2014 · 11:26 am