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Donald Trump’s Dog

If Donald Trump had a dog, would it be called a Trump-pet?

many thanks to Playbuzz and Boredpanda for the image.

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Hard time


dogs“What are you in for?”

“Destruction of property, you?”

“Assault. Bit the postman.”

“Not so bad here, we get fed and have a yard to run round in.”

“No one to love though, I miss Jude coming through the gate after school, he is so happy to see me after school.”

“Yeah, I get it. These guys don’t even know our names, it’s just, ‘Hey Boy, come on’. Don’t they even look? Duh dude, I’m a girl! I mean just because I haven’t had my nails done or hair brushed doesn’t mean I have turned male.”

“I got an escape planned, you in?”


“Started a hole under the fence there.”

“I’m in, but if we get caught, you know it could be solitary right.”

“It’s worth the risk. Come now though, its dinnertime, got to keep our strength up.”

“Right behind you Duke.”


word count 144

flash fiction





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These are my two dogs. Actually they belong to my housemate but we are best of friends. The black and white dog is George. He is very old. He is totally blind, has lost most of his hair, and in his last home he was abused which left him with no bottom jaw or teeth. The golden colored one is Bundy. She is supposed to care for George but sometimes she is really mean to him; taking the food or treats out from under his nose. He can’t see them and finds it difficult to chew or pick things up from the ground. Consequently Bundy gets all the bones. For a treat, if I don’t have any soft meat products for George, I let him lick Vegemite from my finger. He loves it.
Both dogs were purchased from a refuge for abused dogs. Bundy has thrived under our care and although it’s taken George a little longer, he is putting on weight and now wags his tail when happy to hear me. This took him 6 months to accomplish. 



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Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Pets


This beautiful dog is the loyal companion of a man living rough in Martin Place Sydney

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One Word Photo Challenge: Red

One Word Photo Challenge: Red

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