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Common courtesy not so common.

I don’t understand why we have so little respect for politicians. Sure, they don’t always reflect our personal views, but I truly believe that they are doing the best job that they can in governing out countries. Sure, some prove to be corrupt, and some prove not worthy of respect by some devious or deplorable acts; but I believe all politicians, without prejudice deserve the common decency of a title before their surname. Instead of it being Hockey, or Keating, or Abbott or Shorten, it should be Mr Hockey, Mr Keating, Mr Abbott and Mr Shorten.

When did we stop calling our Prime Minister (in Australia) Prime Minister so and so? When did it become acceptable to address people of prominence by just their surname? In parliament they address each other with courtesy, but outside its a different story. Journalists also take liberty using just the surname of politicians and other important people. This is especially so if the said person has views differing from that of the journalist.

It saddens me. This comment is not meant to support one particular view, or party, or political persuasion. I ask us all to treat our leaders with respect and give them some courtesy.

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