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Sunrise on Brighton Beach

I took these photos a while ago. I was making use of my insomnia. At 4 am one morning I walked down to the beach and took these sunrise photos. The colours have not been altered. I may have experimented a little with the aperture and shutter-speed, but as the sun rose above the colours and then was hidden again from view, the colours changed. A man stood on the beach singing worship songs and welcomed the new day. Joggers worshiped their own bodies as they ran past, oblivious to the beauty that was emerging beyond. A plane takes off, with the start of the new day, new adventures await those on board the plane. The rowing crew pauses for a breather and watch as God paints the sky. I included a few photos from the other side of the bay, which I took at Sunset a few nights later. I have presented these photos as a slideshow. Enjoy and feel free to share it.


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100 colour painting complete

Well it took over 12 hours but I finally completed this 100 colour oil painting. It will be submitted for my uni assignment tomorrow (still wet).



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Travel theme: Colourful


I live in the art community in Sydney so I don’t need to travel far to find something colourful. On this occasion though, I snapped this while attending a function for Corroboree Sydney. This fine lady is the manager of a group of young Aboriginal dancers who performed at last nights function. I just loved her top and had to photograph it.

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