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Troubles with Blog

I think I got a virus or something in my browser. First time I have ever had trouble with firefox. I couldnt upload multiple pictures, view notifications and other things. A friend suggested I try another Browser, which I have now done, and added more photos to my previous post entitled Firelighting. Now you will be able to experience more of the event as 7 photos are posted instead of just the one. Apologies to my regular followers.

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Firelighting Ceremony

firelighting 143 firelighting 154 firelighting 141 firelighting 130 firelighting 114 firelighting 097 firelighting 092Firelighting Ceremony

The firelighting ceremony is an important part of coroboree for the Australian Indigenous peoples. It is similar to the opening ceremony of the modern olympics. I was privileged to attend this event last night.

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16/11/2013 · 2:06 pm