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Sunset at Belmont Baths



Last Sunday, I met with a photography group to capture the sunset from Belmont Baths, which is on the east side of Lake Macquarie in NSW Australia. It is usually a spectacular place for sunsets. This week it was made even more so with the smoke in the air from the bushfires. One bushfire was directly west of the lake, which made the sunset very dramatic. I hope you enjoy the sunset, created by God, captured by me.


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Tempe moorings through the rain.


I have been in bed for 2 days with depression. I decided to go to the local takeout to get food and thrn eat in the carpark of Tempe moorings which is close to my home. I took this photo through a rain streaked windscreen to represent that I can still see beauty through the tears of depression. I kinda like it. Hope you do too.


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a sight for sore aye ayes?

Are sightseers to Sydney’s Garden Island docks called naval gazers?

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