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Birds from the lost sketchbook.

A recovered sketchbook revealed some pictures including these birds. My favorite is the emus. I will do this one in acrylics. These are done in watercolour pencils.

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The nest

Ok enough pictures of birds but stsying on the same theme, here is a poem I wrote about birds.

The nest held two eggs

They broke

Then demanded food

Birds of a feather

Can’t stick together

If they want to feed their offspring

One went, got feed, probably seed

One stayed, fed, and filled every need

They grew

They tweeted and squeaked

They flew

They returned and sang and flew

They returned

Until they didn’t 
The empty nest is still there

In the yard which is where

Inmates stand, and sit, and stare

Voices raised, fists clenched

Ready for a fight

While birds play and

Fill their days with flight
Perhaps they will return someday

( I thought I saw one today)

The inmates will smile, look and pray

And perhaps, just perhaps, the birds will stay.


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Bird of a feather part 1

Over the last 18 months, while I have been offline, I have not been idle. I have been writing poetry and sketching. The birds that I have included here were mainly done with watercolour pencils or lead pencils. I did not have access to anything else.

I will split the bird pictures into 2 posts with 10 pictures in each. I hope I don’t overwhelm you. Other categories for sketches you will see come up include Man and Beast, Wild Animals, Flowers, Portraits, and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

I hope you enjoy. 


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Oil pastel and acrylic on 110g paper

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Travel theme: Birds

I have seen some beautiful birds in my travels on the east coast of Australia. Here are some of the birds that I have photographed or painted.


Male Peacock


palm beach 053 palm beach 051

White Cockatoos

from phone 1723

White Cockatoo Acrylic




Crimson Rosellas Oil Pastel


Rainbow Bee eaters Oil Pastel

palm beach 036

Indian Minor bird enjoying our lunch

palm beach 034

I am yet to identify this one

palm beach 004

common seagull

Thanks for the inspiration to Ailsa   http://wheresmybackpack.com/2013/12/27/travel-theme-birds/

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06/01/2014 · 9:53 pm

Real Life Humour

At the Australian PGA golf today, they were having a little trouble with wild hens on the 9th green. But all worked out fine, because Rickie Fowler missed the birdie.

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Couple of Galahs

Couple of Galahs

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22/08/2013 · 10:46 am

2 cockies

CAM00076-1 acrylic on canvas. $400, also available as a ceramic plate. originals only, no repeats

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The Rainbow Bee Eaters

CAM00072The Rainbow Bee Eaters

Part of a series I have just finished on Australian Native Birds.
All three of these pictures are going to the framers in the morning.

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02/05/2013 · 8:48 pm

The Crimson Rosellas

The Crimson Rosellas

Part of a series I have just finished on Australian Native Birds


02/05/2013 · 8:47 pm