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Balmoral Beach

I spent a great day on Sunday, sketching at Balmoral beach. I took these images on my Samsung phone. A perfect Summer’s day in Sydney.20160207_12231720160207_12232120160207_12300420160207_123023

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Sketches at the Sawmill

Here are the sketches and watercolours that I did while at Sawmillers reserve this morning. I had a wonderful time. Owing to the trek down the hill, and consequently back up again, I limited myself with the materials I carried. I hope you enjoy these attempts at art.IMG_6201IMG_6200


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Flora of North Sydney

Sawmillers reserve has a wonderful array of native plant-life. IMG_6173

This lovely yellow inflorescence looks like an orchid, however, the size makes me doubt. The flowers and leaves are arranged as one would expect an orchid to be, but the inflorescence is easily the size of two adult hands. Stunning.


With my legs, this is as close to bushwalking that I get these days. Toward the end of the track, there was in fact an unsealed section, which, for a moment had me wanting to throw on a khaki safari suit, and take the water flask from my hip… not really though. It was nice to be amond the gums.


The photo does not do the berry, or the little blue flower justice, I’m afraid. The berry itself was a bright but deep blue, possibly Elaeocarpus reticulatus, while the flower, looking like a wild Lobelia, was a lighter blue, but not as washed out as my poor photography skills would have you believe.

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Sawmillers Reserve North Sydney

From this wonderful hidden park in North Sydney, One can see across the water to the new Barangaroo development. The large building reaching for the sky is going to be the new 5 star casino.

Even though the skyline is beautiful, I found the closer surroundings more suitable for photos and sketches today.


Remnants of the Eaton Sawmill


Boats on Berry Bay


Across the Harbour to Barangaroo


Locals enjoying the view of the harbour over the shipwreck


Sail boats a plenty on this part of the harbour


What a fine way to spend a Sunday morning


The new casino dominates the skyline


a wrecked MSB hopper barge


All that’s left of the Hull

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Tempe moorings through the rain.


I have been in bed for 2 days with depression. I decided to go to the local takeout to get food and thrn eat in the carpark of Tempe moorings which is close to my home. I took this photo through a rain streaked windscreen to represent that I can still see beauty through the tears of depression. I kinda like it. Hope you do too.


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Sydney sites at night in Black and White

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17/01/2016 · 8:29 pm

Preliminary sketch of port botany


Was going to start my oil series this morning on this site. But looks like it’s going to rain any second. So preliminary sketch done for now

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Common courtesy not so common.

I don’t understand why we have so little respect for politicians. Sure, they don’t always reflect our personal views, but I truly believe that they are doing the best job that they can in governing out countries. Sure, some prove to be corrupt, and some prove not worthy of respect by some devious or deplorable acts; but I believe all politicians, without prejudice deserve the common decency of a title before their surname. Instead of it being Hockey, or Keating, or Abbott or Shorten, it should be Mr Hockey, Mr Keating, Mr Abbott and Mr Shorten.

When did we stop calling our Prime Minister (in Australia) Prime Minister so and so? When did it become acceptable to address people of prominence by just their surname? In parliament they address each other with courtesy, but outside its a different story. Journalists also take liberty using just the surname of politicians and other important people. This is especially so if the said person has views differing from that of the journalist.

It saddens me. This comment is not meant to support one particular view, or party, or political persuasion. I ask us all to treat our leaders with respect and give them some courtesy.

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The “Tooth” Factory

The Tooth Factory is not somewhere they used to make teeth. Its where the Tooth Beer was made. Situated in Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia, it is spread over a number of hectares. My camera club decided to photograph it today before developers come in and demolish it to build houses.

Hope you enjoy some of my photos from the trip.

IMG_4530IMG_4326IMG_4339 IMG_4337  IMG_4342 IMG_4373 IMG_4398 IMG_4435 IMG_4452 IMG_4461 IMG_4463 IMG_4511 IMG_4524  IMG_4531 (2)

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I dare not mow.


The pink carpet underneath the Camellia in my back garden brightens a dreary winters day.

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