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Peer Review:Mahdi, The colour line

Hi Mahdi,
I don’t really understand this line “That the colour-line a long as it exists there will white people will continue to be inferior and more dominant than those of colour.” There are also some spelling and grammatical errors in this post.
I agree with the sentiment though. It is sad that throughout history, it is white man who feels he is superior to anyone else. Its Ironical that a tan was sought after by many of the white people ( me included) because the darker skin represented health and vitality. There always has been a divide between not only white and black, but wherever the dominant race or religion sees someone who is different. I am sure it is fear of the unknown. White people, and other majorities need to educate themselves about other people, and not just say that “because there are more of us, we are right, and everyone else is wrong”. After all “we all bleed red”..


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Peer Review: Mahdi

The picture reminds me more of Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy than this Robert Frost poem. weird eh. the picture is of course very appropriate for the poem. The man in this poem had come out to kill himself and then decided against it. In Master and Man, Vasili killed himself by his mere stupidity. I have looked at the phenomena of deep snow… It acts as an absorber of sound…similar to soundproofing in a music studio. Much like space… in the snow, nobody can hear you scream.

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Peer review Sarah

Sarah that was a nice quick review of the two leaders in this field. I am just getting into the teachings of Thoreau. Very interesting. I am wondering about other leaders in this movement, or where the influences come from. I read about a lady in the movement last night. Also we need to remember that they were influenced by Swedenborg, whose teachings William Blake rejected.
I like Thoreau’s idea of living in the moment, which is what a lot of meditation is based around these days.

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