Hi folks. In the past I have shared with you some of my health and other problems, so now I thought I would update you on my condition with the hope that if you have friends going through some of these things, you can better understand and assist them.

The condition I have is Meylodisplastic Syndrome (MDS). This is a condition considered by some as a cancer, where the bone marrow can no longer produce healthy blood cells. As such my platelets are depleted and my haemoglobin or red blood cells are also depleted.

The platelets control bleeding and clotting. When you have such a depletion, you are probe to easy bruisng and bleeding that will not stop without intervention. It was tge depletion of platelets which led doctors to explore further to find out what was wrong with me. I had a bleeding nose that took 4 hours to get under control.

The depletion of red blood cells means anemia. With this comes extreme breathlessness, extreme tiredness and fuzzy headedness. It is difficult to concentrate and think rationally or logically for any length of time.

When my haemoglobin is down, I can basically last only 2 or 3 hours awake at a time. I prioritise my time awake so I can continue as normally as possible. I am in the first year of Masters at Uni as well as taking on a graduate certificate in theology. These are vrain drains sometimes but I do enjoy studying.

So if you do not see a pist for me in a while, you know why. I consider blogging an indulgence. I love to do the writing challenges and sometimes photography and art challenges. I shall endeavour to participate when i can.

Blessings to all. Dave


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  1. I’m sorry that you’re going through all of this! I hope things improve and you get some good management of your condition. Thinking of you!

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