The offering: Friday Fictioneers


Word Count 100

I always ate my lunch on the same bench, under the same tree. I watched the dogs catch frisbee and the kids chasing them trying to get it back. There were birds here. One particular bird would swoop down. We had an agreement. He would keep all the other birds away while I ate. I didn’t like begging birds that hovered around your feet for the smallest morsel that fell.  When I finished eating, I would leave the offering. It would be eaten gratefully, and the clever bird would put the paper in the bin while I returned to work.



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9 responses to “The offering: Friday Fictioneers

  1. I like that the bird is tidy and disposes of their litter. Could teach those seagulls a thing or two!

  2. He could tour the country in a travelling show of wonders with that bird. He doesn’t need to go back to work

  3. Sounds like a great arrangement.

  4. The only birds that swoop around me if I eat on a bench are seagulls, but they are not there for my benefit, only theirs! Now I’m feeling peckish.

    Here’s mine!

  5. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Maybe the bird could teach the humans how it’s done!

  6. Dear Dave,

    Pretty amazing bird I’d say. Fun story.



  7. Michael Humphris

    This is one intelligent bird.

  8. What a polite bird. NOT a seagull, I’m thinking 🙂

  9. human-avian symbiosis, I love it! I see the birds in the yard as my buddies, as they eat so many insects. Good story.

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