The Sommelier. Friday Fictioneers

I have used a paragraph of an assignment I am writing about memory for uni for this challenge. In fact, the challenge prompt has assisted me in writing my assignment. Its a few words over the 100, but the entry in my assignment was way more. I edited and adapted for the challenge. I hope you enjoy.

PHOTO PROMPT © Jeff Arnold


I tried to finish the article I had been working on before I got the news that my father’s body had been found. I found it difficult to remember the nuances of the wine I was reviewing, so poured a glass from a fresh bottle.  Colour, deep and mysterious, Swirl, even and smooth. Sniff…sniff. The room in which my father lay was very sterile, unlike the usual smell of my father He usually smelled manly, of aftershave and hair-oil. Sniff, dark like a Christmas cake. Sip, I took one and couldn’t gauge it, so I gulped the whole glass. And Savour, yes, the taste, like memories are lingering.



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6 responses to “The Sommelier. Friday Fictioneers

  1. Lovely sensory detail

  2. This pulls you in with its description of senses and sensitivities, well done.

    Thank you for your kind words. In the longer work, his father’s body was found on a beach, fully dressed, drowned. Suicide is presumed. The son goes through grief but I’d remembering his father and the times they shared.

  3. Beautiful way of winding memories of his father with the wine-tasting. Well written.

  4. Lovely story, I was not sure about the sudden leap from father to wine until the smells and tastes were described.

  5. Love when stories are this sensory.

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