Up we go: Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT © Ulrika Undén

The above photo was the prompt for the story below. Word count 100.

Up We Go

“Are you sure we will fit in” Forb asked

“I’m sure, we were here only 200 Earth years ago. How much can the fashion of this primitive people have changed?”

We all donned the clothing given to observe the humans below.

“This building looks like a temple”, said Veex, “Everyone enters with offerings of their money and receives gifts from the Gods”.

It’s a place that needed exploring. That’s when we saw the technology we gave from our homeland, the escalator. “Let’s see if the altar is this way”, Binf said.

The outfits we’d chosen certainly did not blend in.

Image result for aliens


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6 responses to “Up we go: Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Dave,

    They underestimated Human Ingenuity didn’t they? Nicely done.



  2. You tell this story economically and fluently. I like the return of the (un)suitability of their clothing at the end, giving a pleasing symmetry to the structure.

  3. Good one. Loved the tech giving line.

  4. Oh the times, they are a changin’!

  5. We’d probably stick out like a sore thumb on their planet also 😉

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