Catherine Hill Bay

Well yesterday was not the best day to take photos, but I went out just the same as I wanted to try out a new tripod I bought during the week. There is still a lot of smoke in the sky and the sea mist made things not so sharp as I would like. Catherine Hill Bay was formerly the main port that was used to transport coal to all parts of the world. It has been closed for many years now. The town is an old town with workers cottages. Unfortunately developers are encroaching on the area and it is no longer as secluded as it was. Here are some of the photos I took._MG_2691 (2)_MG_2697_MG_2699_MG_2704 (2)_MG_2707 (2)_MG_2716 (2)_MG_2721 (2)_MG_2724_MG_2733_MG_2743 (2)_MG_2746 (2)_MG_2752

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