Sing Choir, Sing (Friday Fictioneers)

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Word Count: 100

Genre: General fiction

When the synagogue moved to a bigger place, the First Methodist Church moved in. They ran a soup kitchen for the poor, took care of drug affected youth, and welcomed all. No one was ever turned away. The choir sang so loud, you could hear them streets away. But now the choir is made up of pigeons which roost in the rafters, and bats which hang from them. The cacophony is completed by rats and the cats that chase them. No human has set foot in the church since the scandal. But we wont talk about that now, will we.


Thanks to -Fields-Addicted to Purple for the prompt.


Filed under short stories

7 responses to “Sing Choir, Sing (Friday Fictioneers)

  1. bearmkwa

    Interesting spin of events here. Great story.

  2. Oh. Oh dear. How awful. And you constructed your story perfectly.

  3. Those were the days. Just the memories remain.
    Here’s my story!

  4. And so it goes…

  5. And so it goes… the shroud of secrecy and the guilty go unpunished…

    • My intention was that the church had to close because of a scandal. What that scandal was, whether it was something that needed to be punished, or some other thing is left entirely to the reader.

      • Well I, the reader, think it was something that needed to punished 😉

        Given the opportunity with more words, I could have made it into anything.
        I think it was scandalous that the pastors wife would cheat at a bake sale by using someone else’s recipe. What a scandal!

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