Peer Review Elleni: DuBois

Colonisation on all levels is bad for the natives. It is the natives of a land who feel a connection to it. The black people of America did not choose to be there. They were not only colonised but relocated. Forced to live in a culture, which was not theirs. They could identify with the native population, because the whites were despised by both. Black people formed a social construction , or culture of their own. They had little resources when it came to food and cooking, but they made the best of what they had access to, and now southern fried chicken and collard greens are sold world wide. The music of the Africans came with the people. The deep resonating voices of African singers, moved to the southern states of America, and the blues were created. Nobody sings the blues like an African American. Listen if you will, to Paul Robeson singing Old Man River, or Mahalia Jackson singing a spiritual song. Tell me you can’t hear the centuries of pain.

Thanks for your blog, it opened some wounds for me about the social injustices that minorities go through. We must acknowledge though the richness of culture what the African American people give to America.

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