Peer Review Christabel: Feminist manifesto

The equality that Loy desired is not of equality in that everyone should embrace their male and female sides, but making it a level playing field.
Loy is saying that the value of a woman, back then, was her virginity when she got married. She said if this is taken off the table, if women destroyed their virginity, or the value in it, then they can be on a level playing field with man. Man will no longer look to women just to be the bearer of offspring, being pure and untouched by anyone before.
Loy goes on to say that women should not rely on man for sustainable life but to stand on her own two feet. She says that at present, women use their sex and a commodity within marriage ” Do this and I will put out for you tonight, cross me and I wont”. She declares that some women are also parasitic, relying on their husbands for their life and happiness.
A closer analysis of this work is probably needed to provide accurate commentary of it.

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