Peer Review, Barefoot Fairy

Wow Audrey. That is amazing writing. I was there with you as you held our hand. With you we took every step of that walk. We saw what you saw and like you I stared in awe at the drawings of a people who may have even introduced art to the world. I too wanted to touch it. I reached up but paused. I’m glad I didn’t…your admonishment about destroying what has been forever was ringing in my ears.
Thank you for taking us on this mind walk. Some of us are no longer to physically do it now.



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3 responses to “Peer Review, Barefoot Fairy

  1. Beautiful peer review Dave! Overall your blog site is overwhelming in it is interesting details. But… you must get the categories (Creative and Critical and Peer Reviews) working for “Reading Australia”. Let me know if you need any help with this…. Great work !

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