Peer review. Michael Griffith

The Benefits of Blogging in University Education.
Although Michael is my teacher and not my peer, I felt safe enough to share this review of his post.

Hi Michael.

Thank you for this article on blogging. It is very concise and feel it could benefit from extra content including anecdotal evidence how blogging increases active participation in marginalised people such as those in the Clemente program. Perhaps this sheet is only an overview and that a more comprehensive paper is available to others who have an interest in this. I being one.
As a student, I thank you for introducing me to blogging. It has been a way for me to ‘nut out’ ideas before committing them to an essay. It is also a way for me to share my passions of art, photography and writing. Blogging has become a major thing in my life, not just to benefit academically but in other aspects of my life.

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16/05/2017 · 11:44 am

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