Peer Review. Linda

Linda, this is an incredibly insightful post. You have got right to the heart of the matter in King Lear. Homelessness and mental illness are very big issues now, as well as back then. Jesus said take care of the poor…they will always be with you” (Dave’s paraphrase).
I was surprised to hear that the number 1 cause of Homelessness is domestic violence. There is something inherently wrong with our society when violence causes people to leave their homes to escape it. Homes should be a haven in a cruel world. It’s wrong where people feel safer with the unknown dangers than the dangers in the home.
People think that alcohol and drug abuse are greater causes of Homelessness. I have met too many homeless people to know that is false. A lot of homeless people turn to drugs and alcohol when they are already homeless as a way of escaping the situation.
There are not enough appropriate support systems in place to cover the diversity of the problems people living rough cope with. You are right when you say psychiatry is not the only answer. They do not offer solutions. The medication doesn’t heal, just makes it easier to deal with. That is why we have social workers. Social workers should not sit in their offices but go onto the streets where the situation is non-threatening to the vulnerable. Meet the people where they are at and offer some hope, if a way out is not immediately apparent, give support which will ease the suffering of the homeless.
Thanks for your post and shining the light on the shadows.


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2 responses to “Peer Review. Linda

  1. This is a fabulous peer review of Linda’s blog. So good to see these ideas being teased out and discussed openly like this. Great work (the pair of you!).

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