Peer Review 3, Mahdi Hussain

hi Mahdi,
I agree that society has to shoulder some of the blame for Richard becoming evil. I don’t think he just ‘succumbed’ to his fate, or the role that society would have him play. Richard says he is ‘determined to prove a villain. One has a choice. One can choose to fit in with the norms of society, adhering to the path predetermined for you by your family, and others, or one can choose to reject that idea and to go your own way. Of course there are consequences for each decision we make. For me it was banishment from my family. For Richard, it would have meant giving up a lifestyle which afforded him all sorts of riches and power. By his own words, by choosing to be a villain, he is determined “to hate the pleasures of these days”. I think he found that too hard to do. If he hated the pleasures of these days, would he have sought the kingdom and all the pleasures that go with it?

An interesting discussion, nonetheless.

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  1. An excellent and informed peer review David. But I urge you to make well timed suggestions for improvement: creative ideas on how the blog might be expanded and critical ideas for what might be corrected. I think you do have an eye for that kind of detail. Great work!

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