Peer review 2, Anne-Marie

What a callous brute Richard was, to treat dear Anne in this way. It almost justifies her language and description of him when she calls him in the same scene ” A devil, a minister of hell, a foul devil, being without blood. She calls him a villain, a diffused infection of a man. Anne tells him to hang himself, Anne goes on to call him a hedgehog, a devilish slave, and later spits on him wishing it was poison. Yet she agrees to marry him, to leave her dear dead father and her mourning clothes to don a wedding gown. I wonder just how feminine poor Lady Anne is, or is it just an act…her way to ensure she is always in the royal household.

Such backstabbing is found throughout the play, and not always done with Richards dagger.

Incidentally, the ‘featured image” of Lady Anne is not displayed on your blog. I do like the swirly thing at the end to signify femininity.


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