Marry me?

The following is a poem I wrote when I traveled back in time to meet Queen Elizabeth I whom I am madly and deeply in love with.

Good Queen

You say to England you are wed,

But can England comfort thee in thy bed?

If the laws permitted bigamy,

I would beseech thee, to marry me

Alas with England I cannot compete

For Thine affections oh so sweet

Your marriage to her wouldst be long

Under your guidance, she liveth strong.

And so instead

Take me as a mistress to your bed

That I might comfort you at night

And stand by you in daylight

To England leave a legacy

A child, if you wouldst marry me.

(This is written as part of my Shakespeare unit at Uni. Dear followers, worry not, my love for my partner Sam remains and always shall me so.)


Filed under literature, Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature

3 responses to “Marry me?

  1. A marriage of two queens, LOL.

  2. Wow- how can she resist 🙂

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