The Summons

Having inspected the bottle and considered it an unworthy vessel in which to curl up and go to sleep, the snake slithered around it, rubbing along its side until it retreated into the cool shade.

The smoke rose from the bottle just like in the movies, and lo, a genie, rather contemporarily dressed, emerged from the vessel.

“Who dared to summon the mighty Genie?”

Looking around, he saw nobody.

“That’s odd”, he thought “Well, at least I can have a stretch and enjoy the rays for a while”.

“What now”, he contemplated as he sat on the edge of the cliff.

You see, without a master, a genie has no purpose in life.

He jumped.

115 words. enjoy.

flash fiction


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23 responses to “The Summons

  1. Hahaha! Poor genie didn’t have a master to work for since the snake accidentally called him out. But, it’s true. We all need a purpose in our life to make life meaningful. Great story! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge. We are happy you have joined us!

  2. Haha, great take on the prompt picture. Well done.

  3. Brilliant take on the prompt 🙂 nicely done.

  4. Graham Lawrence

    Poor genie. He should have had me on speed dial 😉

  5. michael1148humphris

    Loved your story. I think that the genie will float gradually to the bottom of the cliff,

    • Or shake out his magic carpet on the way down and flotation to who knows where. Thanks for having the imagination to see that the story is just beginning

  6. If the genie can just pop out of the bottle at will, and is looking for a master, I doubt she will let him get away that easy. Perhaps the genie will catch him before he lands and he will be indebted for his life being saved. Maybe she has the power of persuasion as well. Great thought provoking story! 🙂

  7. Brilliant! I love open endings which leave a little to the imagination.

    Click to view my FFfAW tale

  8. Hopefully the genie will find a master soon! I wonder how long he’ll be able to stay out of his lamp without one, and just how far away from his lamp he’ll be able to travel? An enjoyable story. 🙂

  9. Wow! Was not expecting that!

  10. Hi and welcome to the challenge! I like open ended endings too! And I love that I can munch on the genie’s action in the last line. Could be taken any which way, he jumped off the ledge, jumped in fright, jumped back into his vessel or just jumped dimensions? Endless possibilities. Love your writing style.

  11. I thought he jumped (not literally off the edge) when he felt the snake slither up beside him. In a story about genies, surely a snake could talk. What would the snake wish for, I wonder?

  12. Oh I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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