Remembering Babylon and Riders of the Chariot.

Reading these books again, I need to keep reminding myself that they are fiction.  I get quiet emotional thinking that man can be so cruel to man. Yet I know it’s possible. I know that all good fiction books are good because they have the ability to capture your emotions and hold them  hostage until the last page.

We all like a happy ending. but the truth is that not every story has one. We have to admit to ourselves  that life does not always turn out for the best. Such are the stories of Gemmy Fairley and Mordecai Himmelfarb. Although these are fictional characters, they have the basis of fact, of true events and real people.

At the end of this course, after the exam next Thursday, I shall be sad to leave these characters behind. May I not be so callous that I learn nothing from these books.



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2 responses to “Remembering Babylon and Riders of the Chariot.

  1. Interesting post – thanks! Best of luck with your exam.

  2. I know that it’s true. “Man’s inhumanity to man” – Robbie Burns

    Funnily enough, Himmelfarb is German for heavenly or the colour of heaven. Both heaven and hell live inside us all.

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