Doors of perception cleared, eyes opened within Remembering Babylon

To my fellow students of Visionary Imagination. 

Page 118.

“I think of our early settlers, starving on these shores in the midst of plenty they did not recognise, in a blessed nature of flesh, fowl, fruit that was all around them and which they could not, with their English eyes,perceive, since the very habit and faculty that makes apprehensive to us what is known and expected dulls our sensitivity to other forms, even the most obvious. We must rub our eyes and look again, clear our minds of what we are looking for to see what is there”.

We ourselves do not recognise that which is around us. while the settlers were unaware of all the food around  them, we now may starve spiritually because we don’t see what we are living in the midst of. We need to have our own doors of perception opened to see the infinite spiritual world in which we live.

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One response to “Doors of perception cleared, eyes opened within Remembering Babylon

  1. That reminds me of Burke and Wills. The only man who survived their expedition, after they died of starvation, was John King. He had the help of Aborigines and their bush tucker.

    ‘Incredibly King survived, kept alive by the kindness of Aboriginals until a relief expedition found him, half demented by starvation and loneliness, near to death himself.’

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