Sleeping, I wake

I am sleeping, dreaming. But now I am more alive, more awake than ever before. I am aware of others around me. I know who they are, can picture them. But the names I know in the physical world are given to creatures in this one. I don’t know how I know, but I know the one over by the wall is Jamie, and the other sitting in the doorway is my brother. My mother, a purple creature with kind eyes, peeks from around the door and says come eat.

I go into the other room but do not sit at a table, as my mother would ask me to, nor does she serve me, as she would when I was a child. I am reclining on a lime green sofa, which seems to be hovering in the bright yellow room. I eat a strange bland round cake. My mother smiles, I am satisfied.

I don’t see myself as I am on earth, on in the physical. I don’t see myself at all. I have no real sense of my form. I just accept what is without question. It is as if this is how it always was, how life is meant to be.

Everything is peaceful, calm, tranquil. People live in harmony. There is no need for verbal communication. There are no fears, worries, anger, nothing to voice but contentment, and that is shown on the faces of the beings.

There are no harsh edges, everything is rounded. There are no harsh colours, everything is pastel or pale. There is no real sound but a soft hum rises from the floor and within me.

I do not try to understand this vision. It has been repeated often. Sometimes when sleeping, sometimes I am fully awake. It is not part of my meditations, the colours I see in meditations are often much darker, but still peaceful. Everything in this vision is bright, clear, as if “the doors of perception had been cleansed, and everything appears as it is, infinite”.I sometimes close my eyes so I can see.

Thanks to barefoot fairy for inspiring me to be brave  to share my vision.

This is shared after the end of our Blake course, but I felt it appropriate  Ishould include it in the category of Visionary Imagination.


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3 responses to “Sleeping, I wake

  1. barefootfairy42

    Dave this is wonderful! I’m so happy you took the plunge and wrote some visionary work!!
    I believe that if more people wrote openly about this different world of consciousness that we all have access to, then we may be able to find similarities and learn more about this truly unknown expanse of the human psyche. I personally found this insightful because so many sections of this piece resonated with me and helped me to remember similar situations that I have experienced and forgotten when the demanding aspects of waking consciousness came calling. I love how you wrote “I just accept what is without question. It is as if this is how it always was, how life is meant to be”. You have tapped into something deep man hahaha. I’d love to see more 🙂 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I also, thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks very much for reading beyond that first story. I am yet to put all the stories in the new “stories” folder. Hope to get to it after work.

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